Goyard Tote FAQ + Guide: St Louis, Artois, Anjou Comparison

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Even after owning my Goyard St. Louis tote for many years now, it’s still one of my most asked about handbags any time it makes an appearance and landed at the top of my most used handbags list! However, Goyard is not the easiest to shop brand since they’re not sold online and only have a handful of stores in the US, so I wanted to provide details along with updated 2021 pricing for anyone considering a purchase. They currently have 3 classic tote options in their signature coated canvas material:

  • St. Louis – Super light, unstructured tote with roomy capacity. Open top w/ detachable pouch.
  • Artois – Thicker, more structured tote with reinforced leather bottom corners. Zipper top.
  • Anjou – Reversible tote with coated canvas on one side and solid leather on the other. Open top.

Funny enough, Nick first gifted me a St. Louis 10 years ago and I promptly returned it thinking it was impractical. I couldn’t stop thinking about it and eventually repurchased it years later! When I bought my St. Louis these other options were not yet available, otherwise I would’ve gone for the Artois without a doubt. But everything worked out, since the same reasons I was hesitant about the St. Louis turned out to be why I reach for it so darn much! It’s light as a feather, folds flat and small for travel, is easy to reach in & out of quickly, and the lack of structure lets me fit a lot inside without it looking oversized.

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Scroll down for my comparisons and photos of how I’ve styled my Goyard bags for everyday, work, and travel! I also found this PurseBlog article about the brand’s history to be an interesting read.

goyard bag st louis vs artois comparison
Goyard Artois bag (right side) borrowed from @juliaroseboston 

1. St. Louis

PM: 6″w x 13″l x 11″ h,  7.5″ strap drop Note: I own the smaller PM size
GM: 7.5″ w x 15.5″l x 12.5″ h 7.5″ strap drop

PM and GM are abbreviations for petite modèle (petite / small model) and grand modèle (large model)

Classic: PM – $1,285 // GM – $1,495
Colors: PM – $1,605 // GM – $1,870

Classic colors = the print I have pictured in this blog post with either brown leather trim or black leather trim. 

The St. Louis was the first to be released and has the most simple design and features of the three totes. At 5 feet tall I personally prefer the smaller PM size, however my friend who is the same size has the GM to use as an everyday tote / diaper bag for her two kids. Since the bag is very pliable, it won’t look as big as a structured tote with the same dimensions.


  • Weight: Extremely lightweight coated canvas.
  • Structure: Most pliable and unstructured out of their 3 totes. Folds completely flat, making it great for travel. You can add an acrylic base shaper insert, though I have one and don’t use it much since I don’t mind the slouchy base.
  • Closure: Open top with no zipper, so I used to use a laptop sleeve with zipper to contain large loose items in addition to the small wallet pouch that comes with it.

According to an SA, the St. Louis was originally made to be a beach tote and therefore was not intended to carry heavy items and may wear out quicker than their other two totes. With that said, I personally have used mine to lug around a light laptop and daily essentials for quite some time without notable wear & tear, BUT I am very careful with all my bags and don’t put them on the floor, etc.

Goyard St Louis tote review
What fits inside a Goyard Artois PM (my laptop is a 13″ Macbook Air)
Rothy’s leopard flats (my review), T.D.E clear pouch (older style; similar)

2. Artois

PM: 5.5″ w x 12″ l x 9.5″ h, 8″ strap drop
MM: 6″ w x 14.5″ l  x 11.5″ h, 10″ strap drop

Classic: PM – $1,740 // MM – $2,125
Colors: PM – $2,175  // MM – $2,530


The added features on this bag address the most common complaints with the St. Louis tote. Instead of an open top on the St. Louis, the Artois has a zipper and is made of a thicker, sturdier feeling double-lined canvas for more structure making it a more professional looking tote. It also has leather reinforcements on the bottom four corners (which you could add to your St. Louis for $250).

The Artois shoulder straps are also the longest of the three bags, making it a more comfortable fit as an over-the-shoulder bag. One complaint about the St. Louis smaller PM size is that the handle strap is sometimes too short for wearing on the shoulder over a thick winter coat.

Another thing to note about the Artois is its size. The Artois PM and MM sizes are slightly smaller than their St. Louis PM and GM sisters, which is why I still love my roomy St. Louis as a throw everything & my kitchen sink inside kinda tote.

  • Weight: Still very lightweight since it’s mostly coated canvas, but not as light as the St. Louis
  • Structure: Not rigidly structured, but is the most structured out of the 3 and is thicker than the St. Louis. Bag stands up straight on its own when empty, while the St. Louis does not.
  • Closure: Sturdy feeling zipper top
3. Anjou

PM: 6″ w x 13″l x 11″ h, 7″ strap drop
GM: 7.75″w x  15.25″ l x 13″ h 7.75″ strap drop

Classic: PM – $2,190 // GM – $2,600
Colors: PM – $2,845 // GM – $3,380


The reversible Anjou is the most expensive of the three tote options due to the large amount of leather on the reversible side. An SA told me that both sides are water-resistant, and while I know that the coated canvas on my St. Louis does wipe off easily if it gets slightly damp, I don’t own the Anjou so can’t speak from personal experience! It’s available in a mini, PM and GM size (no medium MM). Personally, while I love the idea of reversibility, this would be my last choice out of the 3 since I don’t really see myself ever wanting to use the solid leather side.

  • Weight: Heaviest out of the 3 bags but still lightweight compared to leather totes from other brands (feels like a feather compared to larger Celine leather totes!)
  • Structure: Softly structured due to the leather side.
  • Closure: Open top

Reversible Goyard Anjou PM

How to Purchase a Goyard Bag

Goyard currently has stores in Beverly Hills, Dallas, Miami, New York City and San Francisco. Last I checked they can also be found in Neiman Marcus Chicago, and at Bergdorf’s in NYC. If you don’t live near a store, you can call and order a bag over the phone – they’re only able to ship to your billing address and will first send you an invoice outlining the cost of the bag and shipping details before taking your credit card information over the phone. Ground shipping is $30 and you won’t be charged tax if you live in a state that doesn’t have a store. Note: phone orders are final sale only. You can purchase from NM over the phone and charge it to a regular credit card, they also just require that the billing and shipping address be the same.

Thank you to @juliaroseboston who kindly lent us the Artois from her inventory! As a note, all of her consignment & new items for sale are listed in their Instagram stories, not in-feed.

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When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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