E-waste Relief Foundation (ERF) is Nigeria’s flagship Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), focused on tackling the electronic-waste (e-waste) crisis within Nigeria and the West African sub-region.

The foundation commenced operations in 2018 by organizing basic Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) training for informal e-waste handlers in Lagos state titled “Lagos E-waste Handlers Capacity Enhancement Programme (LEHCEP)” in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Environment, Lagos State Ministry of the Environment, Lagos State Environmental Protection Agency, informal e-waste handlers and ICT refurbishers association in Lagos State, Nigeria. Participants were trained on the negative health and environmental impact of improper e-waste handling, and the necessity for Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) for a more
professional and eco-friendly manner of engaging e-waste of all types.

Post project evaluation was recently conducted on program beneficiaries with impressive result. Click here for the 2018 Post Training Questionaire analysis

Our  Vision

To be at the forefront in championing the course of eco-friendly e-waste
management/recycling practices in Africa to significantly reduce its impact on man and the environment.

Our Mission

To promote public awareness on e-waste, lobby and train relevant stakeholders on sustainable e-waste management/recycling and support the creation of eco-friendly e-waste initiatives in Africa, commencing from Nigeria.

Our Primary Aim

  1. Provide nationwide environmental capacity building and technology support in the collection, handling and disposal of electronic waste in Nigeria
  2. Promote and create environmentally conscious grassroot involvement with the aim of protecting and developing communities, as well as creating job opportunities for school leavers who will serve as e-waste collectors and handlers
  3. Support the creation and promotion of Green Initiatives/programs that will improve environmental protection and sustainability in Nigeria
  4. Support the eco-system of stakeholders (i.e. Government, Industry Academia and Civil Society) geared towards partnership and collaboration opportunities with the aim of solving the e-waste crisis in Nigeria
  5. Monitor the disposal of e-waste in Nigeria and where necessary recommend appropriate policies for effective handling and disposal
  6. Assist in protecting the environment from dangerous elements like lead and other harmful elements which are constantly released into the atmosphere as a result of improper disposal of e-waste in Nigeria.

Our Partners

ERF Partners

Why You Should Care

  • E-waste is becoming a global epidemic with serious consequences.
  • Most of the e-waste is shipped to developing countries for recycling illegally, and by producing more e-waste, we are supporting the trend.
  • Certain elements of e-waste are extremely toxic and have devastating effects on humans handling it.
  • The atmosphere, animal and marine life are also victims to toxins and pollutants coming from e-waste.
  • It is safer and more economically efficient to buy durable and repairable electronics.