5 Useful Style Solutions for Accessories

J.Brand cropped jeans 24, BP sweater (old; very similar), Gucci soho bag, Joie heels (old), Banana Republic hat (old; similar)

Whether it’s a hat that’s too loose, a scarf that won’t stay in place, or a purse strap that’s too long…there are always those small fashion challenges in need of a quick fix. Over the years, I’ve accumulated a list of style hacks to help alleviate some of these fashion frustrations, and wanted to share the ones I find the most useful!

1. How to make a hat smaller

Fashion Frustration: When your hat is too loose and at risk of blowing away.
The Fix: Hat size reducer strips. Adjust the fit of your hat by sticking on these lightweight foam pieces. These are available in different thicknesses based on how loose your hat is, and you can stick on either more or less for the perfect fit. I own both options below and don’t have a major preference!

how to make a hat fit smaller tighter

2. How to secure a scarf or shawl

Fashion Frustration: When you want to keep a scarf secured stylishly in place without having to tie it.
The Fix: Scarf magnet. These are strong magnetic buttons that keep your scarf, shawl, or wrap in place on a windy day and won’t damage the fabric like a brooch might.

  • MagneButton – Was introduced to this brand a while back by my mother in law! I have the low dome pearl version which I’ve found to be very versatile, but it also comes in a variety of other designs and sizes. 

how to tie a scarf pearl magnet button

3. How to Temporarily shorten a chain strap

Fashion Frustration: When the chain strap on your purse is too long for your frame, or, if you want to wear your chain strap purse multiple ways (for example, I like to carry my Chanel flap bag with the straps extra short – see style # 2 in this blog post).

The Fix: Metal buckle hooks. See two ways that I’ve used this on my Chanel handbag: 1) hook both sides together underneath the flap to significantly shorten the shoulder strap; or 2) hook just one side to slightly shorten the overall strap. Note the buckle I have is a little too thick to hook through my older wallet on chain strap.

how to shorten a chanel bag chain strap

how to shorten a chanel classic flap bag strap

4. How to temporarily make a necklace longer

Fashion Frustration: When your necklace isn’t quite the right length for the neckline on your OOTD. 

The Fix: Necklace Extender. I love how this makes my necklaces more versatile, especially for layering jewelry of different lengths.

  • Kendra Scott Option – comes in several metal finishes including, gold, silver and rose gold to closely match necklaces. 
5. How to secure a long belt without loops

Fashion Frustration: When your belt or bag strap tail hangs too long and either sticks out or flaps around.

The Fix: Tiny elastics in clear, black, or brown to match your strap or Belt Loopy strips. Refer to my previous blog post on this topic for more info and before & after photos!

how to resize a belt leather hole puncher

These small tools have made a big difference with a few of my fashion frustrations over the years. Hope you guys find them helpful, and please share any style solutions or hacks of your own! 

style hacks for your hat scarf purse strap

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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